About Advance Disability Services & Respite

Formed in 2018 and inspired by the work of Gandor Bah and Angela Dobson, Advance Disability Services & Respite is committed to providing the highest quality support to individuals living with disability to create opportunities to connect and grow.

About Advance Disability Services and Respite

At Advance Disability Services & Respite We strive to achieve the highest quality, person-centred services, recognising the abilities and supporting the aspirations and development of each individual. Our vision is to empower independence and create choice and control for people with disabilities. Advance Disability Services & Respite, provides a variety of individualised and flexible Community services and short term Accommodation supports throughout the Western Suburbs. We recognise the abilities and support the aspirations and development of each person and we have a reputation for the excellence, warmth and individual care given to our participants and their families. We take pride in providing for each person’s all-round personal growth, skills development, self-esteem, independence and community involvement.

Our commitment to a person-centred

we ensure our supports and services are in line with the needs, goals and desires of each participant we listen to each participant and those who know them best to understand what they want for their lives we support each participant to develop individual outcomes so that we know what success looks like we support each participant to identify and prioritise obstacles in the way of achieving their outcomes we support each participant to set steps in goals to address challenges to achieving their outcomes we ensure our workers are trained, supported and motivated.

Everything begins with meeting you.

Everything begins with a conversation. We'd love to hear about your goals and aspirations, and then help you discover Advance Disability Services & Respite flexible range of services and supports